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ISO the Deep . . . the Far . . . the Meaningful

Updated: Apr 14

Welcome to Deep and Far! This site is designed to inspire and inform curiosity, learning, and exploration while celebrating this beautiful planet and all of the amazing experiences it affords. I also want to share what I can to motivate the pursuit of adventure and personal growth/impact while minimizing the number of surprises you might encounter along the way. As I get this up and running, I expect the blog posts to meander a fair bit as I experiment with different topics from travel tips to philosophy to photography and more. You'll definitely see a strong emphasis on scuba diving, photography (esp. underwater), wildlife, ocean stewardship, and travel writ-large.

My website is just coming together so expect more changes there soon. If you have any thoughts or responses to share, I can be reached at I'll reply as soon as possible, provided I am on-the-grid.


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