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Oddly enough, I fell in love with photography and shooting stills the day I first visited Thomas Jefferson's Monticello.  I was 9 years old and on my first "big kid" school trip. And that morning my parents had surprised me with a brand new Polaroid instant camera and TWO packs of shots ( = 18 shots, IIRC). Gifts "out of the blue" were not a thing in my house, so that likely also added to how special that moment was for me. Nonetheless, from that moment forward, I've loved capturing the intersection of light, time, and memories all over the world. And the first time I tried diving, I had to bring a camera underwater with me as well (albeit a disposable waterproof one). While the gratification of those green, dark, and underwhelming shots had to wait until I developed the film, I was also immediately hooked on capturing that which lies beneath, too.

I never tire of focusing on those experiences that are novel, challenging, beautiful, transcendent, or pure. I love traveling and new experiences, new thoughts, new places, new beings, new information because each of these things inspires me to grow, to learn, and to be even more curious than I was before.​  I also love time with old friends, the comfort of home, the cuddle of a shaggy dog, and the joy of an old-fashioned nap in the sun. 

When I'm not exploring and absorbing the world and its crazy / beautiful / strange inhabitants, I can be found writing (words or music), playing with my dog, Noodle,  reading, cooking or wandering this world (by foot, bike, or water).  Otherwise, I'm fortunate to have a career in tech where I'm lucky to serve a mission that is designed to elevate the potential of everyone, everywhere through the power of universal access to trustworthy information.

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